India and its culture

India cultural and tradition are becoming renowned all across the the world. This is a country where different types of culture and tradition are followed. India and its culture are very diverse and unique.

1. Greeting

The namaste:- Namaste is the most popular custom of India, which is followed not only India but also outside the country. Like the whole country is now attacked by the corona virus, they are doing namaste instead of shaking hands. Namaste or namaskar is the five form of traditional greeting which written in Ancient Hindu Scripture and Vedas. Which mean “I bow to you” and greeting each other. It indicates by folding palms placed before the chest. The word Namaha can also be say as ‘na ma’ (not mine), to signify the reductions of one’s ego in the presence of the other.

2.Joint family

Joint family is also one of the most popular customs of India.Everyone lives together, Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandfathers etc. They believe that living togather is the most powerful weapons, and also helps in the pressure and stress.

3. Festival and religion

Different festival celebrates different religions. Christian have the Christmas and good Friday where Muslims celebrate Eid, the hindu have holi and diwali, and the sikh have Baisakhi.

4. Marriage system

The system of arrange is the oldest custom of Indian from the vedic time. In arrange marriage family choose the boy for bride. Today, also arrange marriage is th noe most favourite custom of Indian families.


Fasting is an integral part of indian Culture. Fasts (Vrats or Upvas) are a way to represent your sincerity and resolve, or express our gratitude to the Gods and Goddesses.

6.Indian food

This my favourite custom of my country. India is world wild popular for the the food. The way of cooking varies from different region to region.

7. Languages

Socially, culturally and linguistically india is very diverse. Hindi and English is mostly spoken all over the India for the offical purpose. Also there 22 scheduled Language recognised by the constitution of India. However, most of the language in India are still unknown.

8.Eating with hands

Eating with hands may not be good for the many people. However, eating with hands have several benefits. Fingers beIng heat receptors, they protect your mouth from buring when the hot food is put inside the mouth.

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