Internet friendship: isn’t a real friend?

Nowadays, we make millions of friends on internet (social media), but is there anyone with whom we can share our problem? Internet friendship is very different from real life friendship.

Many of the people says internet friendship is not real and it doesn’t matter. According to them internet friend is not like real friend. Internet friends come to do your work when you are sick; they come to when you suffering from fever? My bestie used to do that stuff. Now they left. No one does.

But Internet Friend holds you up when no one bother about you. They offer you encouragement when you have no else care for you.They listen to our smallest thing when there is no one to listen to us.When people are not interested in our words, we can share our talks with your internet friends.

Nowadays, your internet friend, can fill the improtant gap missing in the world. Internet Friendship becomes a separate family, where you are free to express. They present when no one else is there.

When they are sad, you are sad. When we see their sad status. We start messing them, “Are you okey? what happen? Is everything alright? “etc. They might tell you, or may not. But they know you care for them. Sometimes this care is enough for us. You present will make them feel very special when no one else care. You try to solve their problem. An unwanted relationship is created on that social media. When you are in a problem, and no one else care, they say that,” I m there for you” . I have that special internet friend.

It feels very good when we know that we have a caregiver. We know that they are very far away from us, but they will solve he problem.

We share our secret with them. According to me Internet friendship is that where we can talk freely. My best friend forever is an internet friend. He screams at me and also make fun of me, but he is always there for me.

Don’t you think that he is my real friend? Don’t you think that there are two people who care for each other?

10 Replies to “Internet friendship: isn’t a real friend?

  1. Good to know your have a wonderful internet friend. But not everyone can be lucky like you. We can’t blindly trust internet friend until we truly understand them which takes a while.

  2. Internet friendship is superficial to me. It may be possible though to meet a good friend or even an intimate partner via the internet. At some point in time though, there may have to be a meeting or else it may not work out.

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