Education is not important to become successful person in life?

The process of education is to passing out school followed by the college some post graduation followed by some training etc. We do this to get a good job and set our life. Does education helps in creating one of our best lives or is the key to successful life?

Education is not important to achieve success?

Education is not so important to achieve success. Success depends on the capacity of each individual to use his talent in a creative way.

If you are illiterate, or a little educated, you can still achieve success in your life, just by putting your skill in the right place at the right time.There are many people who are successful in their life. Neither they went to school nor went to college. Just by his talent, skill and hard work they become a successful person.

Education is not important for everyone.It does not guarantee that you will become a successful person. According to my point of view actually education is not compulsory to become a successful person in the life. Let’s take an example of Sachin Tendulkar he was not too brilliant in their studies but he became a successful person in a life.

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