The world biggest problem : CORRUPTION

Any dishonesty by any person for his/her personal gains will be called corruption. The connection between corruption and poverty affect all and poverty runs in all directions:Poverty invites corruption, while corruption deepens poverty.

This is the biggest problem of the world. Poor are becoming more poor and rich are becoming richer. .It affects the economic growth of our country and also a foreign investment .

Poverty causes cōrruption

The main problem of our world is çørrúptïøn
No one bothers and thinks of it
Everyone take it as a fun
Still there are some cares a little bit.

Thousands of people beg at road
Many of them die
Causes of cold .

God knows how they bear
In every difficult situation they will survive
My charming eyes are full of tears
I have seen all the situation by my naked eyes.

Oh Lord! I am fed up of this world
Hope soon corruption will be end
A day will come when are slaves will get.

To every problem
There is a situation
Think a little bit
And get the resolution.

So, let’s be united
And just sit for a while
We are the generation which is lighted
And things about world for miles and miles …….

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