Do you believe in “love flame never extinguish” ? If so share your views

A girl worth loving: Love is eternal.It’s really hard to forget someone who gave you you so much to remember. If love is true then it continues to grow and cherish even if you die. You still find a place lost inside your loved one’s soul. This is how really relationship works. #eternal love.

“The girl worth loving” us a beautiful peom and is actually worth reading.

The girl worth loving

The day I saw her
Felt like frosting on cupcake
Had deep feelings for her
But never had guts to express.

The way she walks, why she talks,
ways she says my name was wonderful
A great bond soon God created
For which I’m grateful.

Give me so much to remember
The only nightmare that haunts me
When I am alone without you
Forever and always I say I love you.

Spent whole day and night
Starting at this charming princess
Finally thought of proposing
And making her Mrs. alone
with hundred kisses

A red rose in one hand and
ring in another
With brand smile on my face
I went to her with merry smiles
But some back with tears in my eyes.

All I was left with
What’s the, broken heart
Refusal was so harsh
Had lot of faith
But lost it in see.

Love is never too far away

Days pass by, then years
Even I forgot when I smiled last
It was hard to forget her
As she give me so much to remember.

Five years later coma got a call at midnight
Just went to hospital,,
Came to know that she has last stage cancer
And this was the only reason of her refusal.

She held my hand tightly and kissed my forehead
I could feel her last breath
My tears couldn’t stop falling
Suddenly she closed her eyes forever.

She vanished away
And took me to the present day
Where I’m in koma.but my soul has already flown away with her that day.
It truly resembles that the girl was worth loving.Love is never too far away .


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